Ariane2 (0BQ)

After winning  the riders Spanish Championship (CEV) in 2013 with Román Ramos and Constructors 2nd position in the same year, ArianeRacing collects all the improvements implemented during the 2013 season on Ramos’s motorbike and adds other developed during the preseason.

The most visible changes are the new BODYWORK, in the  FUEL TANK area and also the whole REAR TAIL. Totally new design that improves the operation of the mechanics as in the styling of the motorbike and the aerodynamics.

The FUEL TANK was also redesigned.

The FRAME, although externally can remember the previous one is fully new, externally and internally.



Great amount of improvements rise even higher the quality of the Ariane2 2014 compared to 2013. And furthermore, aesthetically the whole has been greatly improved, being much more aggressive and giving greater perception of quality.

One more step to maintain the Ariane2 among the elite of the Moto2 in a world level.