Rieju MIUS

Rieju, together with a consortium of several companies of the motorcycle industry, prompted the development of MIUS, electric scooters as an alternative for individual urban transport.

ArianeTech very actively participated in this project, completely designing the distribution of SOOTER’s elements, as in the development and engineering of the FRAME, very novel on this motorbike, for being seen. Furthermore ArianeTech made the design of the center stand, ergonomic studies, calculation of interventions, study for the selection of motors, etc.



Also, ArianeTech defined much of the characteristics of the BODYWORK: fixations, adjustments, sequence assembly…

The Rieju MIUS is equipped with ions batteries of lithium of low voltage (48V), with an autonomy of 40 kilometers (depending on use cycle). Its direct current motor of 3KW can develop speeds 45 km / h (moped) or 65 km / h (motorcycle) in function of the needs.




2012. Rieju MIUS (054)