YAMAHA Neo’s / Neo’s 4

The SCOOTER YAMAHA Neo’s born in 1997 and was a true leader of sales in Europe. It was a model greatly appreciated by everyone: young and not so young, men, women, sports use, commuting, etc. Over it was a really complicated and risky task, but the model already had many years under their belts.

With this outlook, YAMAHA decided to initiate the development of the new Neo’s in 2005, looking refresh the style, but keeping continuity with its predecessor. Unfortunately, sales were not very good, because in those years the 50cc class collapsed.

But the new Neo’s (that not shared almost any piece with the first) was used for first time to bring to the European market a YAMAHA SCOOTER with 50cc 4 strokes engine. A really efficient engine, with a very restrained consumption and a good level performances.



It was a great challenge for ArianeTech to participate in the design of this Neo’s, a single SCOOTER maximizing the common pieces, but with so different engines.

YAMAHA ENGINEERING COMPANY EUROPE commissioned to ArianeTech part of Neo’s design, mainly FRAME (CAD development and prototyping), front part of SCOOTER, HANDGRIPS, FOOTPEGS, MAIN STAND and ENGINE SUPPORT.