YAMAHA Aerox 50 R/4

For the renewal of the popular Aerox 50, YAMAHA retells with ArianeTech.

The Aerox 50 had already many years in the market with great acceptance. YAMAHA decides to launch the new Aerox, successor of that one, with an upgraded design, though similar to the original.

Furthermore, is created the four-stroke version that improves fuel consumption and emissions of traditional 2-stroke version.

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Though reminds outwardly the Aerox of always, is about an almost entirely new vehicle.
ArianeTech participated with the European development center of YAMAHA (YMRE) from the beginning in the conception of the scooter and, mainly, in the design of part of FRAME, COOLING, FUEL TANK, REAR SUSPENSION, PASSENGER SEAT (mechanism) and WIRE HARNESS. Also, miscellaneous technical support was performed.

If you want to know more of the development process in which ArianeTech collaborated, do not miss this article in YAMAHA website. View Article.